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Sammy Netbook Timeline
October 2008 Samsung NC10 Blog founded
November 2008 SammyNetbook.com Born
November 2008 Samsung NC10 arrives
February 2009 Samsung NC20 released
March 2009 Samsung Wiki Established
March 2009 N110, N120, N310 Announced
April 2009 NC20 Makes it to America
April 2009 N120 Ships
May 2009 N110 and N310 hits the shelves
June 2009 N310 Available in the US
July 2009 Samsung N510 Netbook Announced
September 2009 Samsung N510 Netbook Released UK
January 2010 News of new models first surfaces: N220, N150 and the Samsung NB30
May 2010 Rumours of a Samsung Tablet emerge
May 2010 News of the Samsung N230 and NB30 pro breaks
June 2010 SammyNetbook, the worlds favourite Samsung netbook community site, moves its blog to WordPress
August 2010 Completed move to vBulletin forum software
September 2010 NF310, NF210 and NF110 netbooks announced. The dual core N550 is coming.
January 2011 TX100 Sliding PC Series 7 announced at CES show
March 2011 NC110, NC210, N350 Dual Core Netbooks
June 2011 Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Goes on sale
July 2011 First Solar Powered Netbook Announced
July 2011 Samsung NS310 hits the shops