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July 18, 2010

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Some might argue that in the current era of connectivity there is not really much need for optical media.

For example, software can be bought and installed remotely over the Internet, games can be downloaded via services such as Steam or Amazon’s game download service and we can stream music directly to our netbooks.

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However for those with a large collection of discs at home and those that don’t have an alternative drive shared via a desktop PC, the external DVD player is an important accessory to accompany a netbook.

Portable DVD Drives for Netbooks

So why might you want to buy an external DVD drive for your netbook?

  • Watch DVD movies on the go. The DVD format is still the standard when it comes to buying films and most of us will have a big collection already. With an external drive and a netbook you nolonger need to bring a separate device with you. Great for keeping the kids quiet in the car!
  • Make external backups. Backing up your files is an essential thing to do! Writing to DVDs is a cheap and convenient way to backup your documents and keep them safe. Ideally discs should be burned and kept away from your house.
  • Sharing Files. Got some family photos to share with everyone? Then why not just burn off a disc and pass it on. A cheap quick and easy way to move files around.
  • Loading Software. We can get much of our software online but there will always be a need for loading on some programs that you got on a DVD or CD disc. An external drive is a convenient way to load things on without an alternative networked drive.

What DVD drive do You Need to Buy?

Choosing the right optical drive should be fairly easy, but there are some considerations you need to pay attention to:

  • Power supply: Some DVD drives run happily from the power supplied over the USB cable, in some cases the drive will have two cables to pull twice the power.  Other optical drives will come with a secondary power supply that will need to be plugged into the mains.  Make sure the drive you buy meets your requirement.
  • Portability: You’ll want to pick a light and portable drive if you are looking to take it with you regularly.  Of course if the drive is for occasional home use then you won’t be so fussed!

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