Samsung Netbook Bundle

July 19, 2010

in Accessories

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Thanks to Matt at for pointing this one out to me.

Samsung have bundled up three products for netbook owners:

  • Tech Air Netbook Sleeve
  • Panda Antivirus 2010
  • Ability Office v5 Home Edition

I have to agree with Matt’s suggestion that this isn’t something you’d desperately want to add your shopping list, I would imagine many netbook owners choosing to use free anti virus alternatives (such as Avast, AVG or MSE), free Office suites (such as Open Office or Google Docs) and preferring to chose from the massive range of sleeves that are available.

However, the bundle is what it is and if the three products appeal to you then it is available to purchase from here.  There is no equivalent currently available at

Have a look round the site if you are interested in looking for other netbook accessories.

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