Free Netbook Games

Netbooks were never designed as gaming machines, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of playing any games at all! The first generation of netbooks are admittedly limited due to low spec graphic capabilities and low powered Atom processors.

However newer models feature dual core CPUS and more advanced graphic chips. The forum contains plenty of discussion about which games run and which don’t. If you want to know about a specific game, it’s always worth a search or start a new thread and ask if anyone has tested it yet.

There is also information to be found on the Wiki, and if you know something we don’t, please take a few minutes to join up and add it to the Wiki, our netbook community would really appreciate it.

What type of games will you find on this page?

  • All free to play
  • They will run great on an Atom class netbook or better
  • Fun and innovative

Free Netbook Games:

  • Angry Birds: Everyone must know about the Angry birds by now!  If not, where have you been?  This simple yet addictive puzzle game is great fun for young and old.
  • Chaos: A very simple low tech strategy game for up to 8 players. It was written in the last century but still great fun to play!
  • Warsow: FPS Shooter Warsow is a lightweight online competitive first person shooter based around quality gameplay at the expense of modern resource hungry graphics.


Got any suggestions for free, fun, light-weight netbook games? The let us know!