So you've bought your new netbook? We'll you'll most likely want to kit it out with all kinds of goodies. On this page we'll bring you a range of accessories that will match fantastically to your netbook.

We've looked at what other netbook owners are buying, what our forum readers recommend and check out what's hot in the stores right now. If your looking for netbook bags, a portable mouse, a sleeve, DVD drive, or anything else then bookmark this page and we'll cover it sooner or later.

Need more advise on what to buy? Why not ask in our forum. If unsure, rememeber to always check compatability carefully with your supplier before purchase. Not all products will be suitable for all models.

Check out these Samsung Netbook accessories:

Samsung NF310 Case

December 14, 2010

Need something to carry your NF310 around in? We offer some tips.

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Eye Fi Wireless SD Cards

July 20, 2010

Want to stream directly from your SD card to your PC? You need an Eye-Fi card!

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Samsung Netbook Bundle

July 19, 2010

Samsung have put together a little bundle to accompany netbook purchases, see what you get here.

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Netbook DVD Drives

July 18, 2010

A DVD drive makes a great accessory if you need to listen to CDs, watch DVDs or burn discs on the go. Find out how to buy a netbook DVD drive here.

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Choosing the Perfect Travel Mouse

June 29, 2010

Fed up of using that touchpad? A travel mouse is the perfect solution.

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Samsung N220 Bags

June 17, 2010

Netbooks were made to be carried around with you, check out these bags.

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