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The Samsung N150 netbook page. This page contains an overview of this model, aswell as hints tips and articles from our community.

The N150 is a well priced quality netbook from Samsung, available in a whole range of colours - from pink through to yellow! The N150 is generally considered to be the budget model aimed at the mass market, but don't let that idea put you off. The N150 is a top quality product. Although there are better models on the market, the N150 still seems to be a popular price as it is often the cheapest version still sold regularly in stores.

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For an overview of all the current models, check out our netbook buyers guide. For more information on the Samsung N150, check out the articles below.

Samsung N150 Bags and Carry Cases

February 24, 2011

Need something to carry your N150 around in? Check out these bags and cases.

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Dual Core: Samsung N150 Plus

February 22, 2011

The popular budget N150 has been spotted with a dual core processor, find out where here.

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Swapping Out an N150 Hard Disk

October 7, 2010

A forum member explains how he cloned his new netbooks hard disk before replacing it with a 320gb drive.

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Where Can I Buy a Pink Netbook?

July 26, 2010

Looking for a pink netbook, get the N150 here.

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Samsung N150 Plus Review

June 20, 2010

Samsung have released a variation of their existing N150 model, find out what the “Plus” is all about.

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Samsung N150 Ram Upgrade

June 17, 2010

Give your N150 a treat, here are some tips to performing a RAM upgrade

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World Cup Netbooks: Adidas Samsung N150

June 11, 2010

The football World Cup is the greatest sporting event in the world, check out this football themed N150 from Adidas and Samsung.

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