Samsung Chromebook Series 5

The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 notebook page! This is the SammyNetbook hub for all things related to the Chromebook.

The Google powered notebook was released in June 2011 receiving mixed critiscms. On one hand the Chromebook was very well built, had good battery life and a screen that worked outdoors

However others wondered if Google's Chrome OS could compete in a world dominated by fully functional operating systems.

Time will tell if the cloud based OS is an inspired glipmse of the future, or something we aren't quite ready for yet.

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Samsung Chromebook In Stock at

July 9, 2011

Looking to buy a Series 5 Chromebook? It’s now in stock and on sale in the UK via Amazon.

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Samsung Chromebook Unboxing and Preview

June 13, 2011

This unboxing video will give you a great idea of just how good looking the new Chromebook from Samsung really is.

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How to Disassemble the Samsung Chromebook

June 12, 2011

Want to know exactly what’s inside the Samsung Chromebook? This will help you to study the internals!

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Pre-Order Samsung Chromebook UK

June 10, 2011

INterested in the Series 5 Chromebook? You can pre-order one in the UK here.

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Pre-Order Samsung Chromebook US

June 10, 2011

Want to buy a Samsung Chromebook? They are now available to pre-order. Go buy one now and be one of the first to own the Series 5!

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Samsung Chromebook Preview and Photos

May 26, 2011

Find out the first thoughts of the new Series 5 Notebook, video and photos!

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Series 5 Samsung Chromebook Hits Amazon

May 17, 2011

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook has been spotted over at Amazon. The Chromebook is a stripped back Google Chrome powered notebook designed for online working.

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