Dual Core Samsung Netbooks Announced

September 1, 2010

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As I speculated just last week, Samsung have announced three new models including one based on the dual core N550 Intel Atom CPU. At last it looks like sammyfans really have something interesting to discuss.

Introducing the Samsung NF series!

Samsung NF Series Netbooks

There are three models mentioned in a press release:

  • Samsung NF310 – appears to be the premium model with the dual core N550 processor, a 1366 x 768 “HD” screen (proper 16:9 aspect ratio) and DDR3 memory.  Apparantly it is designed to enjoy HD movies, which sounds promising for those wanting to watch HD films on the move.
  • Samsung NF210 – this model appears to excel with battery life, with Samsung claiming a 14 hour run time from a 6 cell 8850mAh battery.
  • Samsung NF110 – Being billed as the affordable model. This is good news as I get the impression Samsung seem to price themselves out of many people’s wish list.  Samsung make it clear in the press release that design and build quality have not been compromised.

The first three models in the range move away from the ultra thin looks of the recent N230.

Release Date

The good news is that the release date is not far off,  the NF310, NF210 and NF110 should be in stock from October in the UK and around Europe and roll out to the USA and rest of the world later.

Check out the Samsung NF110, NF210 and NF310 forum

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