How To Get Your Samsung Netbook Repaired

October 23, 2009

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According to reports, Samsung have now shifted 1.5 million Samsung NC10 netbooks. And probably quite a lot of the other models too! Unfortunately a small percentage of buyers are bound to have some problems, all electrical goods will have a failure rate: some higher than others!

It is hard for me to judge what kind of break downs the Samsung Netbook series is prone to as people are far more likely to search out this site when there is a problem. But even so, the number of problems relative to the number of members seems low and the number of problems mentioned here compared to the number sold is teeny tiny! Only Samsung themselves can really say what the failure rate is and I don’t expect this to be made public any time soon!

But for what it’s worth, any prospective Samsung Netbook buyers should not be put off by this post, my gut feel is that failure rates are low and problems are sorted out quickly. Here’s my story…

The Breakdown
Cast yourself back to May 2009, it was a beautiful sunny day, full of hope and promise. All seemed well with the world, but little did I know that my day was about to take a turn for the worse! I was sitting on the sofa, checking my emails on my little Sammy, one minute everything was fine, but seconds later I was plunged into panic…

My NC10’s screen turned a dark purple colour.

I hoped that the universal IT solution would offer a quick fix, but after switching it off and on the problem was still there. A reinstall later and my screen issues still persisted. Things were looking bad. The founding netbook was in need of some serious fixing.

The video below shows some of the purple blotches and strange pixelation that I experienced:

The problem was intermittent, it would look perfectly fine for short periods but sooner or later the blotches would appear or the whole ambien buy mail order screen became an unreadable dark purple colour.

The Fix
Due to my procrastination, holidays and a house move I didn’t get round to arranging a repair until just last week. This was entirely down to me of course, but part of me hoped the screen defect would just go away. But it didn’t. And as my warranty period was almost up and with the Windows 7 release I thought I better arrange for the repair to take place asap!

So last Tuesday I gave the Samsung support line a call, here is a quick rundown of the process…

  • Raise the issue on Samsung’s online repair center
  • and/or give the support line a ring
  • I spoke to a friendly chap who took a few details about the NC10’s problem and he arranged for a courier to pick up the unit from my place of work
  • I backed up and cleaned personal data from my netbook
  • The couriers (DPD here in the UK) turned up and collected my NC10 last Wednesday, they placed it into a container and left me a receipt
  • I was told that it would take about 5 business days to repair
  • My NC10 was taken to Digicare, the approved repair centre here in the UK
  • And finally, 5 business days later as indicated, my netbook was returned!

All in all a painless process. So if you are one of the unlucky people who have a problem, then I urge you to give the support line a call and get it sorted! Early buyers of the NC10 will be coming to the end of their warranty period, so now is the time to get it checked out.

Note: Before sending away your netbook, make sure you backup data and wipe anything sensitive (such as passwords or banking details). On the rare chance that your netbook is lost or stolen, or if the hard disk needs replacing you won’t need to worry. You should of course be taking regular backups anyway!

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logicturnip October 24, 2009 at 8:16 pm

I’ve got the same problem, and I’m glad to hear that someone else has the same fault, and it’s not just my care of my NC10 (or lack thereof!) Thanks for detailing the process, i’m going to get mine sorted this week. Did they tell you what the problem was in the end?
Cheers Jez!

jez October 26, 2009 at 10:42 am

The description was: “Display Fault”. And the Repair Information was: “Replaced LCD Cable and Screen”.

Good luck with getting it sorted, it was pretty painless and I’m normally terrible at making use of warranties etc. Glad I did it this time :).

zomnia October 27, 2009 at 12:26 pm

I had the white Nc10 for a bit, but it started to crap out when the screen starts to turn white and shifting the screen doesn’t help. Obviously there was something wrong with the LCD harness either it was loose or something. Overall, it was a PAINFUL 2 months long process for a replacement unit to be sent home.

I’ve received the WORST customer service ever so far with Samsung. It took them a month to realize they couldn’t fix my NC10’s LCD problem because the harness was on backorder. Then it took them ANOTHER month just to process a unit replacement.

In the end, I got a white Samsung N120 that took 2 damn long months to arrive. I called Samsung support daily that the operator recognized my voice. I used all type of communications from live-chat, to emails, to phone calls. And well, they’re incompetent and their support was extremely slow.

jez October 27, 2009 at 1:47 pm

Hey Zomnia, I remember reading your post in the forum. It’s a shame that you’ve had such a bad experience. Did they ever explain why it took so long to sort yours out? I think we’d all agree 2 months is too long.

Reading around the forum most people seem to have had a better experience. I imagine it depends on where you are?

zomnia October 27, 2009 at 11:01 pm

I think besides myself, there was another person who had the same problem and faced the same issues. Pretty much Samsung told me that their database had issues or some sort. They never gave me a straight answer and none of their support representative understand what was going on. I received close to a dozen of ticket numbers for my problem every time I called. I just don’t understand why my problem should have so many ticket number because everytime I call, I get sick of telling them I’ve been waiting for over a month. I feel sorry for these folks who have to work for Samsung because they sound miserable talking to me on the phone. What’s worst, Samsung NEVER contacted me about the days or when will I get my unit, I literally had to call them daily to see the status. And they gave me all these promised days that never took place. I was promised back on September 22nd that I will be receiving a replacement unit and it would take 7-10 business days, but I didn’t receive the NC120 which isn’t even the NC10 on October 26.

It should not matter on where you’re located. It’s not a valid excuse for them to give such incompetent customer support. I am located in southern california. The unit that was ship to me came from Torrance that was located a few hours from where I live, so I don’t understand WHY it should take 2 months to tell another branch of your company to send a new unit for a customer that literally lived 2-3 hours away.

jez October 30, 2009 at 4:11 pm

In the UK Samsung outsource repairs to a 3rd party company, if this is the case around the world then service will surely vary depending on where you are. It’s no excuse for your experience, they should have done better.

Like I said, my feeling from reading almost every post on this site’s forum is that the number of smooth repairs massively outweighs the problems. So I would still encourage anyone with a problem to get in touch and get it sorted whilst their warranty is still in place.

Although of course I hope that people don’t need to consider repairs in the first place :)!

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