Netbooks – the race to the bottom?

May 22, 2009

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This time last year, the buzz in the blogosphere was all about how netbooks represented a race to the bottom, how there would be massive pressure on manufacturers to output the cheapest possible machine that would need to be sold in huge numbers to make a small profit.

Several big names in the industry declared this the beginning of the end!

So What Happened?

Well a year on it seems that this apocolyptic prediction is not quite baring true. Not yet at least. From reading 1000s of posts from netbook users it seems that these devices are often used to compliment existing solutions, they filled a niche rather than displaced desktops and laptops. And more interestingly we are seeing higher value netbooks with superior capabilities, or just a premium style, released into the market place. The Samsung N310 for example. The Samsung N110 is also being sold at a higher price than the original NC10. It’s not just Samsung either, the Asus EPC 1008HA also fits into this catagory. So much for a race to the bottom!

I guess that this happens in any sector, people are afriad of change and some of us will always see a negative future. But markets have a funny way of looking after themselves and I think there is still plenty of innovation on the way – roll on mainstream touch screen netbooks, superior connectivity, high capacity SSD drives, multi core processing, and enhanced graphical capabilities!

What other exciting changes are you looking forward to?

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