Pixel Qi Screen Compatible with Samsung Netbooks

August 15, 2010

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Thanks to forum member Fidgeteer for highlighting these interesting new Pixel Qi Dual E Ink Screens.  The more adventurous among us might want to investigate swapping out your current netbook screen for one of these.

These replacement screens offer to major wins:

  • They are bright and easy to read even in direct sunlight.  Each pixel in the Pixel Qi screen is mainly reflective, but still has about the same efficiency as a standard LCD when backlit, enabling you to experience a crisp image with excellent contrast and brightness in any light.
  • The Pixel Qi screens consume 80% less power in the reflective mode making them a great choice for “green” applications.

How easy is it to Replace the Screen?

Pixel QI claim it is straightforward:

“Changing the screen of your netbook is easy, the process takes about 5-10 minutes using a small screwdriver. It’s simple: 2-4 screws have to be removed to allow unsnapping of the front plastic bezel. Once that step is done, removal of another few screws allows the screen to be unlatched and its cable disconnected. Next, the Pixel Qi screen is plugged in, screwed in, and the bezel snapped back in place. That’s it.”

What do the Screens look like in Action?

This YouTube video looks pretty impressive, I know my NC10 doesn’t look this clear outdoors!

Which Netbooks do the Screen work with?

So far the following have been reported as compatible:

Thanks very much to Fidgeteer for highlighting this, you can check out his thread in our forum.

Have any SammyNetbook.com readers purchased one of these screens? Let us know how you got on, what do you think of it, was it easy to fit?  Any thoughts and photos gratefully received!

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