Replacing an NC10 with an ASUS X102

January 8, 2015

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41LHeD6no4LSammyNetbook has not seen much activity since Samsung shut down their netbook line. And many of us have been using our old netbooks happily for many years.

However, the day has finally come, the day when my NC10 has been retired to the cupboard in the spare room where it is unlikely to be switched on again.

Why did I finally replace my Samsung Netbook?

There are a number of reasons:

  • It was still running Windows XP.  As you should know, Microsoft does not support this version of Windows any more.  Whilst it is possible to upgrade it, and our very own forum has plenty of information on this, by the time you factor in the time and expense a replacement seems more sensible.
  • It was getting slow.  Again, an OS refresh might have fixed this, it might not.  It just felt sluggish especially when compared to my SSD powered desktop and Ultrabook.
  • I was frustrated by the lack of touch screen.  It might be a gimmick to some, but touch screens have quickly become my preferred input method – even on a laptop.
  • The battery life was wearing thin.  These laptop batteries don’t last forever and after 6 years it was not holding its charge in the same way it used to.

So all in all it felt like it was time for an upgrade.

Introducing the ASUS X102

The ASUS X102 notebook quickly jumped out at me as a replacement.  In many ways it is very similar to the NC10,  a little slimmer and lighter, more power under the hood, but it has a very similar feel.  The screen is still small, but with an increased vertical resolution, the keyboard is comfortable, and the touchpad does the job.  But whilst more powerful than the NC10, it does still feel like an underpowered desktop.  But hey, this is what we expect from such a machine.

But I’ve saved the best ’til last:

  • The ASUS X102 has a touchscreen.  Yes, I love touch screens on a laptop and struggle with out one.  Your mileage may vary but if you’ve never used one, do give it a try.  Scrolling around sites and pressing buttons is now a breeze compared to the old painful touchpads of old.
  • The price.  Did I say how much it cost?  This machine can be had for circa £200!  That’s significantly less than the NC10 was at launch!  And what’s more, it comes with Office 2013.

So, if you are looking for a cheap netbook replacement then I would (and in fact I did) have a look at the Asus X102.

Please let us know if you still use your NC10, or what you replaced it with!

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Ed September 25, 2015 at 5:57 pm


Great that you got a lot of use out of your NC10.
I bought mine a few years ago and was thinking of retiring mine as well because of the XP issue.

However, since I dual boot Lubuntu on it, it runs quite nicely. Well, I much prefer Linux, anyway.

My other laptop has been retired, which is why I use the NC10. In fact I just ordered a 2GB SODIMM for it. It was only cheap.

I wonder if netbooks have really improved much, particularly the Atom processor.


Mike December 23, 2015 at 10:19 am

Sorry to see this forum finally ran out of steam. I still have my NC10, still running XP, and I use it quite a lot. I only upgraded my desktop computer from XP to Win 10 about a month ago! Unlike you, I have no interest in touch screens. While the netbook has some limits (mainly due to XP no longer being supported), I still love to use it, and as an ancillary device to my desktop, it still serves its original purpose. As long as I can use it without having to upgrade, and the hardware holds up, it and I will keep chugging along.

jez January 6, 2017 at 2:14 pm

Sadly my NC10 is gathering dust in the attic. But the site will be maintained! I will continue it under I’m actually seriously considering buying the new Samsung Chromebook Pro or Plus, so that could be a good excuse to see if there is some new life in the site. Perhaps we’ll become a hub for Sammy chromebook owners, we’ll see.

I’ll preserve the forums for as long as they still get hits, there’s a lot of info there. Unfortunately the old VB4 software seems a bit vulnerable to it seems to fall down from time to time but my host does a good job at restoring it. Perhaps if there is renewed interest I’ll update to a newer forum app.

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