January 6, 2017

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What happened to netbooks?

There is no denying that netbooks are yesterday’s news, their demise was as quick as their rise to fame. For a few brief years the humble netbook was the goto device for students and casual web browsing. Cheap and with long battery life they were very popular.

But with popularisation of the tablet and increasing dominance of mobile phones, the market for netbooks dropped to nothing and the manufacturers stopped making them overnight. In fact Samsung went very quiet on laptops altogether for a few years, but have recently got back in the game.

What next for

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What’s a good replacement for the NC10?

Samsung have just announced the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Samsung Chromebook Pro. I’m very interested in buying one of these and they seem the ideal replacement for someone who wants a casual laptop come tablet that can be used for basic tasks and has access to the Android application library.

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