N110 available to pre-order

April 1, 2009

in Samsung N110

I think I am getting cynical in my old age but I can’t help thinking that Internet shopping sites like to be the first to put products up on their site even if they don’t know if or when they are getting any in stock.

Why? Because it ensures a 1000 or so blogs will link to their product page guaranteeing a nice high ranking for that device in Google!

Still, my cynicism won’t stop me from doing it! So here is a link to the N110 on Buy.com. They have it up for a $469.00 with free delivery. Given that Amazon has the NC10 on for $425 it’s a fair bit extra given the new model doesn’t have a lot to offer. However I suspect that it won’t be long before prices come down on both. We’ll see!

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