Samsung N110 User Review

June 9, 2009

in Samsung N110

It is always great to share user reviews on – I have always known that I can’t really compete with the professional review sites or the true enthusiasts who run fantastic sites such as UMPC Portal etc. But what I can do is give a voice to the large and growing community of NC10 owners, or in this case an N110 owner.

Samsung N110 Review

Please head over to this page to read the full review from Bertolt. This is also a great read for anyone considering the purchase of any netbook, as well as those looking specifically at the new N110.

He covers:

  • Practical use
  • Size and Portability
  • Build Quality
  • Installed Software
  • Opinion
  • And some handy tips for owners

Go have a read!

More N110 Info
Want to know more about the N110? Check out our page here or buy one here

Got anything you want to share with Samsung Netbook owners? Let me know!

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