Samsung N110 YouTube Video Review

May 29, 2009

in Samsung N110

Following on from the N310 review in the previous post, I noticed that the same user has posted a review of the Samsung N110 to YouTube. Check out the video below to have a good look at the updated version of the NC10.

You’ll notice that it is very similar to its predecessor with the biggest exception being the glossy screen. If this is something that has put you off this model then this video should help you see just what it is like:

Check out our Samsung N110 page for more information, or join the discussion on our forum.

Note: As spotted by a couple of keen eyed viewers (I’m afraid I was unable to watch it with sound at the time of posting) there are a couple of errors in the vid. See the comments below or check this thread.

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azentropy May 30, 2009 at 3:25 pm

Nice to see a video, but they made a few errors. The two I caught right away was them saying the screen resolution was 1024×768 and saying it has 802.11n…

tonytb May 31, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Aside from the schoolboy errors. The N110 screen is a mirror! One of the reasons I defected from the Aspire One. NC10 will live for a long time, for that reason alone :-) I don’t quite understand the change, as the NC10 screen has been praised since its launch.

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