How to Upgrade the Samsung N140 RAM to 2GB

July 25, 2010

in Samsung N140

I am slowly getting round to putting up a RAM upgrade for all models, this is something that netbook owners are often keen to do so it makes sense to cover it thoroughly on the site.  Today we look at the Samsung N140.

Should I Upgrade the Samsung N140 Ram?

Many netbook owners chose to upgrade the RAM of their N140, it’s not going to transform your netbook into a number crunching games system, but it will provide a little boost to performance under certain circumstances. Particularly when running memory intensive applications.

Given the cost of the upgrade, most owners tend to go for it.

Buy a N140 Ram upgrade. We suggest Amazon as a convenient place to make the purchase: US or UK or FR

How to Install a 2GB RAM Upgrade in a Samsung N140

Installation is straight forward and the process is designed so that owners can carry this out themselves.

If you have any doubts or concerns then please phone the official Samsung support line of speak to your supplier. If you are happy to proceed then you need to:

  • Carefully unscrew the access hatch on the underside of your netbook, ensure you have the correct screwdriver so as not to damage the screw itself
  • Remove the hatch.  Some owners have had to use moderate force to get the hatch open, but as always watch out for excessive pressure
  • Pull the clips outwards and the old RAM chip will pop up.  Store this away carefully.
  • Insert the new 2gb RAM chip and clip it securely into place.
  • Replace the hatch and you should now have a 2gb N140!

YouTube N140 Upgrade Video

This video is in German, but it illustrates the process of upgrading your Samsung N140 Ram.  Thanks to the excellent nDevil netbook site for sharing this clip with us all via YouTube.

Looking for more pics?  Check out this upgrade guide from an owner.

Have you upgraded your Samsung N140 RAM? Let us know how it went!

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