Samsung N150 Bags and Carry Cases

February 24, 2011

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Although netbooks are positioned at the cheaper end of the market, you’ll still want to make sure your Samsung N150 is carried around safely in a netbook bag.

Besides netbooks are meant for use on the move, so it is highly likely you’ll need to pair your new portable PC up with a trendy carry case.

Chosing the right Samsung N150 Bag

The N150 is a 10″ model so you’ll need a laptop bag that can comfortably support this size.

  • Some bags have internal sleeves to hold your N150 snuggly in place whilst providing additional room for your other personal items
  • Netbook bags come in a whole range of styles, do you want yours to look professional or casual?
  • You might want to buy a netbook bag which looks more like an every day hold all – this will ensure your bag doesn’t become an obvious target for theft and both have plenty of N150 netbook bags for sale, just remember to check the size carefully before purchase.

Let us know how you carry around your N150, post up your comments and photos in our forum!

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