Samsung N150 Listed at Amazon US

January 19, 2010

in Samsung N150

Whilst doing my usual searches to see if anything new has hit the shops yet, I noticed that the N150 is now listed at and is available for pre-order in the US (not here in the UK – which is unusual as the EU seems to get Sammy products first normally).

The Samsung N150 is priced up at $350 dollars – which seems a bargain when converted to GBP but unfortunately exchange rates don’t seem to apply when it comes to pricing things up in the UK!

I’m still not sure what the unique selling point of the N150 is, it looks like it is the same insides as the other N450 Atom based models but perhaps a different design. If anyone has any more info or photos then please let us know in the comments or our Samsung N150 forum area.

I just spotted this thread in our own forum. Thanks to mmhotel for the post. The N150 looks to have some inbuilt 3G and GPS functionality. More news as we get it.

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