Downgrading to XP? N210 WLAN Driver

July 27, 2010

in Samsung N210

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Netbooks these days are usually supplied with Windows 7 starter edition, however many of us have a spare XP license at home and wish to run the older operating system.

Running XP on the Samsung N210

Recently a forum user downgraded their Samsung N210 to XP and found everything ran well except for the WLAN connection.

It turned out that Samsung don’t support XP on this model, which isn’t a surprise really, but luckily another forum reader was able to come to the rescue.

If you are interested in downgrading your N210 to XP then this post will help.

Note: If you are changing operating system from the one supplied with your netbook you might have issues getting all the hardware to work.

Let us know if you up or downgrade and how well it went!

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Saeba31 July 27, 2010 at 2:13 pm

I downgraded mine yesterday to XP pro SP2 using the drivers on samsung site, it works fine (i connected only through wifi).
It is much faster and at last the 720p is ok.

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