Opening up the Samsung N230

September 19, 2010

in Samsung N230

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Forum member Pendragonx recently shared some photos of the insides of his Samsung N230 netbook after opening up to investigate the possibility of utilising a second PCI-E slot.

Inside the N230

The N230 opened after removal of a few screws and careful prying apart of the case. As always, don’t attempt this unless you are prepared to lose your warranty and bear the risk of damaging your computer.

Unfortunately after disassembling the N230, he found that there wasn’t a mini PCIE slot waiting inside, however it looks like it might be possible to add one. It seems there are a few N230 internals that still need explaining.

If anyone has successfully managed to mod their netbook, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to post your tips and pics in the forum.

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