Samsung N230 Comes to America

July 15, 2010

in Samsung N230

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I must admit I am liking the look of the new Samsung N230 netbook.  Many of the new models, with some obvious exceptions, have seemed fairly so-so but the N230 looks kinda cool!

With it’s 13hr+ battery life and fantastically slim design I’d quite like to buy one myself!

Available in Amazon

As Chris kindly pointed out to me yesterday, the N230 is now up on the website.

It is marked as in stock and priced up at $397.86 at the time of writing. No news on UK availability I’m afraid, if anyone spots it in stock in the the UK then please let us know!

Want to know more about what the N230 can offer? You can check out the official page here or have a look at our Samsung N230 page.  Feel free to ask any question in our N230 forum area.

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