Round up of Samsung N310 Unboxing Videos

July 23, 2009

in Samsung N310

The Samsung Go aka the N310 here in Europe, is enjoying a big push at the moment now that it has finally found its way over to America. The Go Netbook has always attracted attention thanks to its unique and individual styling with opinion often split quite dramatically between those that would love to buy one and those who would love to burn one*!

*Please don’t try this at home

YouTube N310 and Go Videos

First up, here is a “sneek peak” video from Newegg who will be selling the Samsung Go to eager US buyers. This video is a mini review that gives you an overview of the unit and a good look at what it has to offer:

The second video, from UMPC Fever takes you through the traditional unboxing of a black N310 unit:

And finally we have an Orange Samsung Go unboxed by our Italian friends over at Netbook Italia. This one is a particularly interesting video if you are thinking about buying one of the more brightly coloured netbooks!

Update: Liluputing have added a video:

SammyNetbook Member Unboxing Photos

Regular readers will know I always love to share any user content up here in the blog, so feel free to send the details over if you have something you think Sammy fans will like to see!

Here a member shares his unboxing pics, check out the thread and join in the chat!

Update: And now with an Orange unboxing video:

Buy an N310
If watching these YouTube videos has convinced you that one of these bright little portable PCs is for you then
US buyers can find them at Newegg and they are also listed at And in the UK, head over to!

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