The Samsung Go Netbook: An N310 User Review

July 1, 2009

in Samsung N310

What is the Samsung Go netbook you might be asking? Well us here in Europe (and any other readers of this site) will know it as the N310! It seems that Samsung have rebranded it as the “Go” in the US:

Samsung N310 User review

As far as I can see the uptake of the N310 has not been as strong as the previous models, but N310 owners out there, if you are reading this, please drop by the forum, sign up, and let us know you are here!

But today we are here to celebrate a fantastic write up of this stylish little netbook from one of our members who has kindly allowed me to share some more info on the main blog here at I have always enjoyed sharing reviews on personal blogs, there are a million pro reviews out there and sometimes it is nice to read the point of view of a “real buy ativan without rx owner”. And hopefully it gives these great write ups a wider audience.

So what does he think?
Sam has already updated his new machine with Windows 7 and installed an extra 1gb of RAM, which he reports is a very easy process. His overall impressions seem to be very positive, impressive styling, decent performance, with a couple of minor cons:

– Fantastic form factor
– Screen
– ‘Chicklet’ style keyboard
– Added extras (Status LED’s, Bluetooth, etc)

– Power Brick
– Small right shift key (UK Keyboard only)

Samsung Go
Please do check out Sam’s full N310 article here and when you are done, join in the discussion in our Samsung Go forum!

Keep an eye on our N310 buyers page and the blog to keep up to date with release news for the US, UK buyers can check here for N310 buying info.

Update: Now available in the US

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Gajet July 1, 2009 at 10:53 pm

I loved the 310’s design. Appreciated the apple’esque keyboard, and probably would have paid the extra.
But then I looked at it’s 2 hour battery life and reminded myself why my attention had first been drawn to Samsungs. I couldn’t justify buying this over my N110 or a NC10.

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