How to Upgrade Samsung NB30 to 2GB RAM

June 26, 2010

in Samsung NB30

If you bought the standard NB30 then your netbook would have come with the 1GB RAM we expect from most netbooks.  Here we help you to buy the right RAM for your 2GB upgrade.

Note: If you bought the NB30 Pro Edition then this model comes with 2gb as standard and this upgrade won’t be applicable to you.

What RAM do I need to upgrade my NB30?

To upgrade your NB30 you need to buy a 2GB RAM stick which will be installed in place of the existing 1GB chip.  The chip to buy is a standard 200 pin DDR2 SODIMM laptop memory module.  You’ll see this available rated at 667MHz or 800MHz (sometimes referenced as PC2-5400 or PC2-6400) and either will work fine.  The faster RAM won’t give you any benefit so you don’t need to worry about this.

Buy a NB30 Ram upgrade. We suggest Amazon as a convenient place to make the purchase: US or UK

How do I Install the new RAM module

The NB30 netbook has an accessible access hatch which allows you to get in the old RAM out and the new one in relatively easily. It is designed to be upgraded by owners and is fairly straight forward. The upgrade shouldn’t affect your warranty, but if in doubt please check with your distributor as this might vary in different regions.

NB30 RAM Upgrade

  • Make sure the unit is off
  • Ground yourself by touching something metal – a radiator for example.
  • Open the access hatch, take care to use the correct screwdriver so as not to damage the screw itself.
  • Remove the old module by pressing the latches outwards.  Store the old module for future use.
  • Insert the module at an angle of 30 degrees and push it back into place.  Take not to force the chip in, if you find yourself doing this it might not be seated correctly.
  • Replace the hatch and job done!

You can get the RAM direct from Amazon: US or UK

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tom January 17, 2011 at 7:13 am

hi, just read your comments on the upgrading of RAM – i have an NB30 Plus (no idea what the plus stands for) which is very slow on the internet, when asking it to do more than one function and also the indicators on Skype when running say that “the machine is running too slowly to make a call”. if we upgrade to 2gb would this solve the issues? is it poss to buyt an upgrade to 4gb for instance?

many thanks, tom

jez January 17, 2011 at 10:29 am

These netbooks are unable to take 4gb of RAM (although there is some debate as to whether they might work – personally I’d leave it until someone proves it!). The 2gb is generally worth it given the low cost but I’m afraid it is no magic solution to performance.

Pop Skype into the search box in the top left of the page and you should get plenty of forum posts on the subject. To be honest I get that message on my NC10 (with 2gb RAM) and it still seems to work OK. Perhaps it isn’t optimal but my baby has been video Skyping his grandparents successfully ;)!

Colm September 3, 2012 at 10:40 am


Ordered the corsair 2GB off Amazon and after installing it, it works a treat on my standard nb30

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