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June 21, 2010

in Samsung NC10

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I recently needed to replace my Samsung NC10 battery charger – I won’t go into the details other than to say I won’t be plugging my netbook into the power socket at my local coffee shop again!

Anyway, I have never looked at the chargers that are available out there so I thought I’d post up some information that might be helpful to others looking to buy a replacement battery charger for their NC10.

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Charger Options

The first choice to make is whether to seek out an original Samsung manufactured power supply or whether to go for a 3rd party product:

  • Authentic Samsung  Replacement Charger: This is a good option for the cautious.  You know that the power supply is approved and tested to work with your netbook.  The direct one to one replacement has got to be the safest option.
  • Third Party Chargers:  If you ask Samsung they will only ever recommend using their original products, and this may well be sound advice.  However if you aren’t too worried about this then 3rd party chargers are a viable alternative.  If purchased from a reputable retailer they should be subject to all the same saftey checks as any other electrical device.

The advantage of going for a third party model is that there are more options to investigate, you can get compact travel plugs, or car compatible sockets for example.

Note: Always take care to buy chargers that meet your local power safety standards. Sub standard fake chargers are sold by unscrupulous dealers and these, at worst, can be fatal.

What Types of Netbook Charger are there?

Here are some of the different options:

  • Car Charger: My new car didn’t come with a cigarette lighter, but it did still come with the socket!  So if you want to power your netbook from the car then this is a good option.  Just don’t type and drive at the same time!
  • Travel Charger:  The standard charging brick that comes with the NC10 can be a bit awkward to carry around.  Thankfull some of the third party products are a little more compact and easier to pack away.
  • Charging Kits:  Some third party charging products come with a range of adapters and plugs to cover all kinds of different circumstances.  Personally I worry about using these things as I am worried I will plug the wrong thing in the wrong way!  But in reality they shouldn’t be difficult to use.

Have you bought a new netbook battery charger? How was it? Has anyone tried any alternative power supplies, solar power for example?

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