Samsung Netbook Buying Guide

Buying a netbook can be a touch challenge due the wide range of choice on the market right now. But don’t worry, this page is here to give you a run down of what you need to think about.

Which Netbook Should I buy?

Obviously this site concentrates on the Samsung range of netbooks, we are an unofficial and independent site put together by a community of enthusiasts.

We are therefore likely to recommend the purchase of a Sammy Netbook – and to be honest this range is amongst the best in the market so you can’t go too far wrong.

Make sure the netbook you go for meets your requirements. If you do this then you are far less likely to regret your decision.  And remember, you can always exchange your model if you are not happy.

What Should I consider When Buying a Netbook?

Here are some points to think about:

  • Size:  How big do you want your new mini laptop to be?  10″ is the standard but there are bigger and smaller models out there.  For example, if you are interested in a slightly larger model you might want to look at the 12″ N510 or if you can find it in stock, the NC20.
  • Keyboard:  If you are a touch typer you’ll want to feel comfortable on the keys.  Fortunately the Samsung range has a reputation for well spaced quality keyboards.  An older model, the N120, comes with a “full sized” keyboard.
  • Connectivity: Do you need a higher speed Wi Fi connection, or built in 3G mobile access?  Although of course even the oldest models come with the basic requirements to get connected to the Internet.
  • Style: With many manufacturers offering standard specifications, your choice may simply come down to how much you like the look of the model.  The Samsung range offers a satisfying variety!  From the laptop like N220 and the super slim N230 through to the unique looking N310.

It is also worth noting that an alternative for mobile computing buyers is a tablet. You can find out more here.

A Quick Guide to the Samsung Range

Investigating new technology can always be a bit tricky, it takes some time to get a feel for which are the top models to be looking at, which are now obsolete and which are simply duds!  This guide should get you going, and from here you can look at each model in more detail so you can buy the right netbook for you!

If you are looking to buy new, the models you should be looking at right now should include the NF range which includes models with dual core Atom N550 CPUs and higher definition screens.

The N350 is also a top dual core model. Many budget buyers seem to be going for the N145.

Three new models have been announced at the start of 2011 so keep an eye out for these:

Of course the older models are decent portable PCs in their own right.  In fact I am typing on a two year old NC10 right now in a coffee shop in London.  And even this, the oldest model, runs all the software most people will want and the battery lasts for hours and hours!

If you can find any of the older model at the right price then they are still definitely worth a look.

Regional Variation

One final note, exact specifications tend to vary depending on where you are in the world, so please remember to check the supplier’s listed spec carefully before buying – especially if there is a critical feature you require. If in doubt, give them a call!