Samsung NF210 Hands On

September 4, 2010

in Samsung NF210

Brad over at Liliputing has been lucky enough to get his hands on a preview model.

You can read the full story, and check out his photos here.

NF210 Preview

The first point Brad notes is the unusual design.  We can see from the photos that the Samsung NF210 is not quite like anything we’ve seen before!

We know that Samsung aren’t afraid to experiment with new designs, just have a look at the N310 or the NB30, so it’s good to see more original design coming through.

Whether it will go down well with buyers or not we’ll have to wait and see.

Up to 14 hours Run Time

The other notable feature of the NF310 is the reported 14 hour battery life.  Now I’ve been bloggin about netbooks long enough to know that our “real world” usage won’t be quite as long as that, but the 6 cell 8850mAh battery should be able to out last much of the competition!

Liliputing reports that the NF210 will be sold exclusively by Sam’s Club in the US, we’ll have to wait and see how it is priced up here in the UK.

From the initial reports it seems that it will be worth spending the extra to get the NF310, leaving me to wonder what the intent behind the NF210 is?

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