Samsung NF310 Available to Buy in the US

December 12, 2010

in Samsung NF310

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With disappointing rumours suggesting the NF310 won’t be coming to the UK, at least not in the short term, at least it is available to buy in the US.

The NF310 is one of the more interesting netbook models to be sold by Samsung this year thanks to a high resolution screen offering 1366 x 768 pixels. Typically until now netbooks have been limited to 600 vertical rows which many owners have found limiting. Some applications and games are even designed to run on a minimum screen height of 768.

Couple with the N550 dual core processor which “provides up to 50% faster performance” than a typical single core machine and you have an attractive looking machine. And on top of this the NF310 has around 10 hours of battery life (although real life use will always fall short of this headline figure).

This is the first netbook that could replace my NC10, yet unfortunately it’s not for sale in the UK at this time.

If you are in the US, you can buy it here:
SAMSUNG NF310-A01 10.1″ Netbook

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