Samsung NF310 On the Way

September 22, 2010

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The Samsung NF310 has been spotted in a German online store retailing for 399 Euros.

This would literally translate to around £300 or $500 but as we know pricing between different countries never quite works like that, and when Tax etc is considered the US price tag is likely to be much less. And the UK price is likely to be more!

This also gives us the opportunity to share some of the promotional photos of the NF310, and as you can see this netbook is looking pretty slick.

Where Does the NF310 Fit In?

The NF310 is the most exciting Samsung netbook to be released for a while, not only does it have the dual core N550 Atom processor but it also has a higher resolution (1366 × 768) screen. Those extra vertical pixels can make all the difference.

This looks like the machine to get if you want to get the top notch model.  The Samsung NF310 has a release date of 21st October 2010, although I can’t confirm when we’ll see it in stock in the US or UK.

If you spot it in an online store then please let us know! And as always, if you get hold of one, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Come and say hello in our NF310 Forum.

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