Samsung Chromebook Preview and Photos

May 26, 2011

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The hype machine is really beginning to spin up around Samsung’s first ultra portable Chrome OS Notebook and Engadget recently managed to get their hands on one for a quick preview.

Engadget seem to think the new notebook is promising. They noted the 0.79-inch height, the solid build, a crisp, sharp (1200 x 800) screen and one of the best track pads ever! They were also impressed by the keyboard and 12.1″ form factor. The Series 5 felt decidely zippy during their brief trial.

Check out the YouTube vid below:

This is shaping up to look like what could be another Sammy success, I’m looking forward to reading the more in-depth reviews as and when they emerge.

The Series 5 Chromebook release date is thought to be mid June.

Want to see more?

Check out a selection of photos of the Series 5 Chromebook:

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Looking for more information on the Samsung Chromebook?


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Bismarck June 10, 2011 at 1:04 pm

Could they make one exactly like that, except for with Fusion E350 inside?

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