Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Everything You Need to Know

August 7, 2011

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Samsung’s answer to the Apple iPad had finally hit the shelves.

We’ve seen smaller tablets from Samsung before but this is a 10″ model – a direct competitor to Apple’s benchmark device.

This post is a great starting point for anyone who wants to know all about the new Tab 10.1

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Overview

Samsung have built a pick-up-and-go tablet that is slim, light weight and easy to use.  The Tab 10.1 is a Honeycomb powered device, this means it uses Google’s Android 3.1 operating system designed specifically for tablets.  It is powered by a dual core chip running off a 7000mAh battery that provides about 9 hours of real usage according to reviews.

All in all this tablet is perfectly positioned to become the leading Android tablet on the market.



Check out this video from Samsung for a good look at what the Tab can do:


Apple iPad versus Galaxy Tab 10.1

Any new tablet that hits the market is going to be compared to the Apple iPad series. Thanks to Apple’s marketing skills their products are elevated to benchmark status without really being compared to the competition.

It’s not my place to say which one you’ll like best, but if you are trying to compare tablets then here are some points to consider:

  • Android OS is a more flexible environment, however Apple’s more controlled environment may prevent incompatibilities and mishaps
  • Both systems have a tonne of available apps, neither will have any problem connecting to social networks, collecting email, playing games, etc
  • The Tab is lighter (by 36g) and thinner (by 2mm)
  • Samsung’s tablet edges out ahead on specs: more ram, slightly bigger screen, higher res cameras, GPS on the WiFi model, four-way accelerometer, higher capacity battery
Samsung have gone out of the way to ensure the new Tab is a little superior to its main competitor in all directions.  However where the Tab 10.1 and iPad2 are priced the same, I still expect the average consumer to pick the Apple, but I suspect the price of the Samsung tablet will fall after the initial release making it much more attractive.

For a more detailed comparison, check here.

Where can I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

The new Tab 10.1 has been released here in the UK and is available to buy around the world.

Got one, going to buy one?  Let us know in our tablet forum.  Doing the research for this post has definitely got me seriously considering on of these…!!

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Gilbert October 20, 2012 at 7:03 pm

Why does nothing print from my 10.1 tablet even after I downloaded Google cloud and Google chrome?

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