Fun Free Netbook Game for Babies

February 18, 2012

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Whilst I wouldn’t want my little boy (pictured!) to become a computer addict, I am keen that he has adequate exposure to technology as he grows up so that he can make full use of one of the greatest modern tools.

That, and it keeps him quiet for ten minutes!

Baby Smash

Baby Smash (get it here) was written by Scott Hanselman for his young kids.  I’m sure this is a familiar story to any new dads out there, but my son always wants to do what Daddy is doing, so as soon as he sees me try to have a sneaky check of my email on my NC10 he’ll be jumping on me to have a bash at the keyboard!

This neat little piece of software ‘locks’ your netbook to prevent them messing up your nicely arranged desktop, and as each key is pressed the screen fills with brightly coloured shapes and letters.

Note: This software does nothing to prevent physical damage, so get ready to step in should things get too vigorous!

To quote Scott’s website, the game features:

  • Smash on any keys
  • Draws letters, shapes, numbers
  • Keeps babies happy
  • Won’t harm your computer
  • New features added often

If you like to tinker around with some code, you can find the source code and notes behind the development of BabySmash here.

Strongly recommended for any netbook owner with young kids!  Get it here.

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