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January 17, 2009

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Welcome to the SammyNetbook light weight netbook games series. From time to time I will be posting up free easy to run fun games that I have tried and tested on the NC10! Sign up to the RSS feed to get the series delivered direct to you!

Introducing Warsow
Warsow is a freeware first person shooter (fps) that has been around since 2005. Its authors proudly declare that they are not to fussed about “modern graphics” which may put off some visual effect driven gamers. But if this is bad news for them it is good news for us! As a result Warsow runs very smoothly on the NC10 and no doubt on other atom class netbooks too!

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Game play
One of Warsow’s main selling points is the game play. The designers have always preferred to concentrate on making a great playable game that will give plenty of scope for players to master. The game is clearly aimed at competitive play and this is reflected throughout. This is another reason why the developers have stuck to a straightforward visual style keeping effect minimalistic, clear and visual.

The game can i buy ativan over the counter borrows the best movement tricks from the Quake and Unreal series of games providing a unique experience based around trick-jumping and special moves. Apart from that it’s a pretty standard fps competitive online shooter.

Like many first person games it looks like there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to picking this game up. However after a few games it seems fun to play and there are populated servers around. I did experience the usual limitation of playing a fast paced action game on a 10″ screen but it was playable. My netbook mouse also proved essential. When I first ran the game it started in full screen but after adjusting the resolution I have only managed to get it to run in a window – if anyone works out how to get it back to full screen please let me know!

It’s free and will run great on an NC10 and most other netbooks!

Check it out here.

Free Netbook Game Series
Keep an eye out for future free games, and if you have a favourite then let us know in the forum!

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