Introducing the Lightweight Free Netbook Games Series

January 17, 2009

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Welcome to the Free Games for Netbooks Series

The games forum on this site has been alive with discussion from day 1, many members have come to the site with the hope and expectation of playing the block buster games of 2009 on their Samsung NC10 or other sub-notebook class laptop.

But lets be honest, these netbooks just don’t have the power to run modern games. The CPU is capable but the graphics output of these ultra portable PCs is just not up to the job right now. This is the first post in a series that picks out the best free netbook games.

Interested to know more, then read on!

But all is not lost

There are plenty of independent games producers out there creating new and exciting games as we speak! Often these one man teams don’t have the time and resources for complex graphics and therefore, just like in the old days, have to focus on making fun games that people will want to player regardless of the graphics.

The Netbook games series

I have a growing list of games that I have tried and tested on the NC10, as good a benchmark as any for testing them out on Atom class netbooks. They are all free to play (to an extent) so there is no reason not to give them a go on your Samsung NC10, Aspire One, EEE PC, Dell Mini or any other light weight portable PC!

Each mini review will contain details of the game, info on how well it runs, and any tips and tweaks to get it going well! A summary of all games in this series appears on the free netbook games page.

Got any suggestions? Then let us know!

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