Installing the Windows Beta 7 on the Samsung NC10

January 11, 2009

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I am just downloading the new public beta release of Windows 7 so I can’t pass on any personal experience yet! If you are looking for the beta then get it here. Remember, please only attempt to install this if you understand what you are doing and are prepared to deal with any consequences. Samsung only support the supplied XP Home install.

Official install stuff can be found here

Running on the NC10
One member has shared a link to his own install guide and experience, check out his Windows 7 experiments over on his blog.

His post covers:

  • Getting started with the install
  • Drivers and update issues
  • His first impressions

It seems that Ade has had an overall positive experience so far likening the Windows 7 experience to an enhanced XP installation. This is good news for those that hoped this new operating system would provide an improvement for light weight mobile computers. Ade says he will using Windows 7 as his primary OS on the NC10 for a trial period so I look forward to seeing how he gets on.

Don’t want to install on your NC10?
My first look at Windows 7 may well be on a virtulised environment. I am not aware if Microsoft where to buy tramadol without a script allow the installation of the Windows 7 Beta on a virtual machine, so you’ll have to investigate that yourself. But assuming it is OK and it works, you can set up a Virtual PC to test out the new beta without risk of messing up your NC10 or desktop install!

What Next?
Rumours on the forum suggest that Microsoft might have a version on the way specifically geared at this class of device. Now that the netbook class of laptop has established self and proved to be much more that a specialised niche portable PC it would make sense for them to target these devices more specifically. Because if they don’t it will be a fantastic opportunity for an alternative OS to gain a foot hold. Which of course is not a bad thing!

Join in
The NC10 Operating System discussion forum has already got going with Windows 7 debate. Head over there now to see what NC10 owners are making of Windows 7!

Another member has posted an installation guide here.
And another has posted some Windows 7 Driver info

Installed it yet? Shared your experiences online? Let us know!

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MrBeardy January 11, 2009 at 8:06 pm

Installs and runs in a virtual machine, but its very slow!

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